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How to Manage Your Medicines - A Fireside Chat With Brian Isetts, PhD, BCPS, FAPhA


Practical Discussion of issues like:

*How persons may personally take charge of their medicine and organize it for:

  • Ease of taking
  • Ease of re-ordering
  • Understanding the what, why, when and hows of medicines.

*How persons may obtain “extra” medicine to have on hand in the event of a disaster or medicine shortage due to supply interruptions

*How persons may be counseled on these topics.

Medicine Management Fireside Chat

Took place on Thursday, March 19, 2020

YOU may access the recording here:

At this link to the YouTube video of the event.

How to Manage Your Medicines

A Fireside Chat: Patient Advisors in Pandemics

Patient advocates from the Consumers Advancing Patient Safety Consumer Advisory Panel and the Comagine Health Patient and Family Advisory Council met together to share robust discussion about Patients in a Pandemic. They explored issues with great relevance to patients, caregivers and providers. Comagine’s Kimberly Mueller, LCSW, and Joan Gallegos, MSW, RN shared coping strategies and talked about stress relievers for persons who may be at home or persons whose loved ones were in hospitals or congregant living situations.

Advisor Jodi Hansen expressed the importance of hope. This topic evoked many responses and persons noted the importance of compassionate communication, especially in times of unique stress. Advisor Diann Folkersen addressed how even providing simple choices boosts patients’ sense of autonomy. Advisor Rachel Weissburg noted the importance of Advance Directives and having these discussions now with all adult members of a family unit. Advisor Chrissy Blackburn noted that patients have contributed to tools that will be available at her facility to guide patients in advance planning.  Advisor Janice Tufte touched on the importance of understanding equity issues and the social determinants of health. Advisor Maurice Wells, for example, shared how meals were available for senior citizens in his community.

You will find this recording contains great insights and resources as you look at how Patients approach a Pandemic.

You can view the webinar by clicking here