Consumer Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS) envisions a partnership between consumers and providers to create global healthcare systems that are safe, compassionate and just. CAPS champions patient safety led by consumers in partnership and collaboration with providers.

Since 2003, CAPS has provided a voice to individuals, families and providers. CAPS focused on improving quality and safety in healthcare. CAPS offers educational opportunities promoting patients as partners. The CAPS patient and provider community works collaboratively to improve healthcare.

Members of the CAPS Community bring courage and passion to improving Safety Across the Board. The CAPS Community includes patients and care partners who experienced medical error or problems with care. The CAPS Community includes healthcare professionals who also want to improve Safety Across the Board. All members of the Community partner to improve systems and processes including:

    • Patient and Family Safety and Quality Advisory Councils
    • Patients and Care Partners serving on Governing Boards
    • Promoting Fair Use of Electronic Health Records

    • Reducing Hospital Acquired Conditions

    • Reducing Diagnostic Error

    • Promoting Transparency and Disclosure in Patient Safety

    • Champion patient safety policy

CAPS leadership and Community Members serve on and works with multiple boards and organizations, including the National Quality Forum, the National Committee on Quality Assurance, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the World Health Organization, Patient Centered Outcome Research Initiative, CMS, QIN-QIOs, Mothers Against Medical Error, the AMA, and many more. CAPS seeks to network with Patients and their Care Partners to give them a voice in these and other organizations.

CAPS serves as a conduit for the consumer perspective to our partners, including healthcare professionals, researchers, hospitals and other healthcare service organizations, government agencies, accreditors, educators and others in the global community of people and organizations deeply committed to patient safety. We are committed to growing consumer input and participation in shaping the future of healthcare to ensure a safe journey.