Safety Across the Board Pledge of Partnership

  We advocate for patient safety and health care equity. We pledge to form a more perfect union between patients, family members, health care workers, leaders and policymakers, business and philanthropy. We affirm the right to define who our family members are.   We unite to achieve health care safety across the board. We believe all people have a right to safe health care. We believe health care should be delivered in a safe environment. We affirm age, race, color, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, socio-economic status or sexual orientation should not impact health care safety. We affirm health care safety should be available everywhere.   We personally commit to work in partnership to:

  • Prevent harm in health care wherever possible and as soon as possible,
  • Strengthen systems for measurably improving safety and quality,
  • Eliminate unnecessary care,
  • Make true shared decisions about treatments and outcomes our cultural norm,
  • Put into place laws, rules, policies and culturally supported behaviors to achieve equitable care everywhere, and
  • Be transparent, authentic and respectful with one another in all that we do.

We promise to diligently work with organizational systems and cultures in health care. We will work with systems and cultures that promote, integrate and activate patients and families as core partners in the work of preventing harm and ensuring equity. We will work together in our home communities. We will work together in the countries in which we vote. We will work together with like-minded people across the world.   In partnership with all who share these goals, we will strive to achieve health care that is safe, compassionate and just. This is our pledge of partnership.

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