The CAPS Community has gained more than 3,000 followers with stakeholders representing consumers, health care professionals, policy makers and other organizations and institutions since its inception in 2003.  Our patient advocate network consists of more than 300 people that are highly engaged patients and caregivers in quality improvement and makeup our diverse collection of experiences, stories and narratives on the impact of healthcare.


Network Community Creation

The patient network is more than a database…it’s a community.  We are a network of patients, caregivers, advocates and healthcare consumers working to improve patient safety.


Demographic Data Collection

Our strength is not only in our numbers but also in our diversity.  Membership crosses all ages, races, healthcare roles, and geographic locations.  We collect demographic data from our members allowing for diverse and unique experiences for not only our network members but also for clients.


Active Engagement

Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS) remains committed to staying connected with our network members.  This active engagement enables connections to the evolving story of patients and caregivers.  Our membership is growing and changing to best reflect today’s healthcare environment.


Network Education

CAPS resources work to educate and empower both patients and advocates to help them tell their stories.  Through training and outreach, the network provides opportunities for amplifying patients voices to enable positive change.


Results You Can Trust

CAPS has a proven track record of partnership with multiple firms on CMS contracts providing patient stories to enhance educational events.  Through our diverse network and clinical staff within CAPS, we research to provide the best available story which meets our client’s needs.


Patient Involvement/Safety Success Story


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