I want to join the National & International Network!

Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS) contributed significantly to the national and regional work of the 26 hospital engagement networks. To help sustain the progress of these networks CAPS links advocates to engagement opportunities such as National Affinity Groups and the CAPS Safety Across the Board Learning Collaborative. Join us today. Partner with more than 6500 other CAPS members to get engaged by identifying your areas of interest here.

Join the Safety Across the Board Learning Collaborative

The CAPS Safety Across the Board Learning Collaborative is an international learning exchange. A place where patient advocates partner as equal thought-leaders to advance innovations in quality and safety. The CAPS Safety Across the Board Learning Collaborative offers you:

    • Listserve. Through our listserve you can email the network of CAPS members on any safety or engagement related topic.
    • Monthly Educational Webinars. CAPS partners with nationally and internationally recognized health care leaders to train member advocates and to share the latest in safety.
    • Quarterly SAB Virtual Leadership Convening. Join us live for updates from the national Safety Across the Board Affinity Group.
    • Free Access to Premier Tools and Resources
    • Faculty Opportunities. As faculty consider showcasing your projects on a CAPS webinar.

If you or your hospital, health related organization or business is interested in contributing to the national body of SAB and/or Health Equity collaborators please indicate all that apply below.