Last June the CAPS Board honored me by asking me to be the Executive Director of your CAPS organization. I’ve been working with CAPS in Patient and Family Engagement consulting and developing Education events for six years. My advocacy was a response to my now adult child’s lifelong chronic complex medical needs.

Professionally, my background is in broadcasting and marketing. I’ve worked with some of the best radio stations in America and have taught communications and marketing. But, as I navigated the healthcare system with Skyler, I saw the need for healthcare to create better connections with patients and families. I have worked to build collaborative relationships between providers and patients/families at many levels.

I feel strongly that CAPS should represent the patients and persons who are consumers of Health Care and a part of the CAPS Community. Many of us have experienced first- hand the impact of lapses in patient safety. We want to collaborate to improve healthcare. We want to make healthcare more responsive to patients and caregivers. 

Strides CAPS has made since June include:

  • CAPS website – – has been revamped and will be updated more often. We will have an official re-launch of the site in the next few days. Please check with us soon and let us know what you think of the new website!
  • A Consumer Advocates Panel for Safety – the CAPS CAPS – has been formed to advise CAPS and offer input into healthcare education efforts
  • CAPS wants to support your co-creation/collaboration efforts. Let us know how we may support you!

-Lisa Morrise