We write objectives to support seeking Continuing Education Certification for our Consumers Advancing Patient Safety Webinars. They do not, however, capture the depth and breadth of the topic. Such was the case for December’s webinar, A Person-Centered Approach to Meaning Making: Rituals and Celebrations in Health Care Settings with subject matter experts, Rachel Weissman, MA, patient advisor and CAPS Patient and Family Engagement specialist with a patient perspective and Claudia Ricks Hubbard, MDiv, BCC, Senior Staff Chaplain and Educator at Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas City. If you missed this webinar, Good News! You may watch the podcast here.

The presenters talked about the importance of both the JACHO and Chaplain Standards in supporting persons in need. They highlighted the tremendous sense of isolation and stress that come with hospitalization. These feelings may be increased during a time of celebration for the patient’s personal culture and tradition.

Different rituals that may be recognized in a hospital Chapel were discussed. Traditions honored at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City include, but are not limited to, Holi, Diwali, Lent, Advent, Passover, Hanukah, Eid, Ramadan, Day of the Dead, Ramadan, Veteran’s Day and Pride.

CAPS Consumer Advisory Panel Member Janet Tufte actively used the chat feature during the event. Janice’s insightful comments included, “Very important cultural humility – Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and more faiths can certainly have challenges during Holiday fanfare that are not part of their spiritual beliefs and can be very difficult to explain to their children as to why perhaps they are not a part of the celebrations.” Attendee Cheri Wilson chatted in, “Thank you for a very informative webinar.” Please click the link and see what you may do in your Spiritual Support practice.



  1. The attendee will understand the importance of providing whole person care and how that alleviates the sense of stress and isolation a person may encounter.
  2. The attendee will learn JACHO and Chaplaincy standards for serving the needs of all patients, families and staff with awareness of cultural humility for various traditions.
  3. The attendee will learn the importance of connection in meaning making and how staff can support patients, families and other staff.
  4. The attendee will learn how ritual and celebrations promote connection and well-being.